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Show puppies by Anatomy; Loyal Companions and Protection by Nature; Health and Longevity by good genetics; and proven by Health Testing Certifications. Brought to you by a thoughtful knowledgeable trusted breeder of over 45 years. Breeders of the finest quality Schutzhund/IPO titled & Breed Surveyed German Shepherds in the United States. Our breeding program maintains the integrity of the German Shepherd's heritage to preserve the ideal human-canine bond. 

Our Merkel Geneology is from
Haßloch, Germany

We are published in these books

Haus Merkel
   Breeder Name: Dyan Merkel
   Location: North Texas
   Contact Info:

   Hip/Elbow Certifications: Yes
   Degenerative Myopathy Certifications: Yes
   Thyroid tests: Yes
   CERF tests: No

   Titles/certifies breeding stock in discipline?: Yes

   Raises breeding stock from puppies: Yes
   Titles dogs bred on premise:  Yes
   Imports titled breeding stock: Yes
   Buys from other Breeders:  NO MORE!

   Has trained in Schutzhund: Yes
   HOT from puppy to SchH3: Yes
   HOT and bred to SchH3: Yes

   Show ratings: Yes
   Breed survey: Yes

   V Putz vom Haus Merkel SchH3, Kkl 1a
   V Ulla vom Haus Merkel SchH3, Kkl 1a
   V Zessa vom Haus Merkel SchH2, IPO3, Kkl1a
   V Riesa vom Haus Merkel SchH2, Kkl 1a
   V Puma vom Haus Merkel SchH2, Kkl 1a
   V Emma vom Haus Merkel SchH1, Kkl 1a
   SG Wickie vom Haus Merkel IPO1 a
   SG Vessa vom Haus Merkel IPO1 a
   SG1 Clar vom Haus Merkel SchH1 a
   Ch Merkel's Opium SchH1
   V Merkel's Arletta SchH1, a
   SG, VP2 Nixe vom Haus Merkel BH, AD, a
   SG Feli vom Haus Merkel BH, AD, a
   Ch Merkel's Leica UDT, OFA
   Merkel's Leibchen Shiloh UDT, OFA
   Ch Merkels Sangria UDT, OFA
   United States Grand Victrix
   Ch Merkels Vendetta  ROM, OFA
   Ch Merkel' Quaestor CD, ROM, OFA
   Ch Merkel's Essence UD, OFA
   Merkel's Coda vom Jennerick CDX, OFA
   National Certified Search & Rescue
   Lieb vom Haus Merkel OFA,
   National Obedience Winner
Ch Merkel's Cut Up of Timmee UDT, OFA
   Certified United States Service Dog
   Bryn vom Haus   Merkel CGC, OFA
   Certified United States Service Dog
Fred vom Haus Merkel
   Ch Merkel's The Cutting Edge OFA
   Ch Merkel's Virtual Reality OFA
   Ch Merkel's Tequila CD, OFA
   Ch Merkel's Sante Fe OFA
   Merkel's Spellbound ROM,
   Merkel's Emma ROM , OFA

   Merkel's Estes CD, near ROM
   2009 Annual Achievement Award Recipient
   Ch Merkel's Heart's are Wild
   Ch Merkel's Heart to Heart CD, OFA
   World Sieger Larus von Batu SchH3 Kkl 1a
   World Sieger Zamp vom Thermodos SchH3, Kkl 1
   World Sieger Yasko vom Farbenspiel SchH3,Kkl 1a
   VA Dux della Valcuvia SchH3, Kkl1a


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(Dorothy Conner Merkel Obituary)
Love, kindness & laughter was her gift to all.  Always on my mind forever in my heart!


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Basically what happens is this - the stomach twists causing the blood supply to the stomach to be compromised then leads to tissue death. As tissues are damaged, toxins are released and a sequence of events occurs that if left untreated, leads to death.

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I finally got her and she is SUCH a wonderful dog. The best mannered puppy I have ever known. We love her so much. Pictures below!
 Dyan:  Luger was Ch Merkel's Regatta UDT, OFA Hips & Elbows son and I believe as smart as she was. 

When he began training (6 mos. old) he did his first find and then watched the older dogs do refinds (find the victim, go to the handler and alert, then take the handler to the victim) and the next weekend he was doing them without training.  When we were in Canada training, several police officers wanted to try him on a clue search.  He had never done this.  He was trained to find people, but he understood so much it was amazing.  I told him we were going to go "find" and he got excited, then I told him to find "toy."  (This was because any clue the police had hidden in the field would have human scent on it and could be picked up like a toy.)  I put his tracking harness on (so he would know he was to track instead of air-scent) and he began to grid the field.  It was a matter of minutes and he pushed his big nose into a pile of leaves and retrieved a policeman's wallet.  Everyone was excited and impressed.  But he wouldn't give the wallet back to the policeman until I commanded him to.  (He was definitely a one-person dog, but he would work for others if he respected them.) 

Unfortunately, a car-jacker went after me and my car when he was just beginning training.  The thug didn't see Luger in the back seat.  Luger scared him to death and had him running for his life, which was good, but Luger never got over thinking he had to protect me at all times. 

He was trained and could work anywhere, but could work as my personal dog only, not the team's because they were a little afraid of him.  I took him to Dr. Charbono (sp.?) who works with the Dallas Police Dept. to be evaluated for my team's comfort.  She was so fascinated by him we were in her office for 5-6 hours.  Her decision was that he was one of the smartest dogs with one of the best noses she had ever seen and verified that he was perfectly safe to work with.  (He would only be dangerous if someone tried to hurt me she said.)  She also said he could have been one of the greatest drug dogs she's ever seen. 

I know that he was the smartest, most loyal and would go with me anywhere, even repelling.  We had a lot of setbacks due to my health, and family situation so we didn't do as much in search and rescue as I would have liked, but we were an inseperable team and traveled a lot together.  He definately had a busy, interesting life.   

I don't have a lot of serious pictures of him - some are in team's scrapbook, and I don't have access to it right now.  Give me a little time and I will send you what I have.  Incidentally, I had a plaque made through the vet's office and I'll send you a picture of that.  He grew up big and powerful and so the training coordinator had us analyzed by several professional trainers (Air Force and police) to be sure I had complete control at all times (I'm only 5' tall).  They knew I could work him, but wanted to be sure he was safe around other dogs and handlers.  Of course there wasn't a problem, we not only loved each other, we respected each other - you were right when you helped me pick out the perfect puppy.  We were a perfect match and it will take time to get over his loss.

Just wanted to touch base with you.  Here are two attached photos of my children with Heidi on Christmas Day.  My daughter cried all morning she was so overcome with emotion.  It was a precious thing...
Heidi went back to the vet today.  We had her looked at by a vet that was available on Christmas Eve.  He attempted to fax you the paper work but was unable to get the fax to go through.  She went back to our normal vet for her eight week visit today.  She now weighs 13 pounds 1and 1/2 ounces.  The stool samples were clean.  She is up to date on all shots and seems to be thriving.
Thank you,
Amanda Pitard


Thanks Dyan, 
I will send you pictures, She is gorgeous and has a great temperament. She will be 2 in May and  I would really like  having her bred. Danny Tutt

January 28, 2008

Dear Dyan
I am very sure about the last digit being a "2"  The BRL2 part of the tattoo is very clear.  It's only the beginning of the tattoo is obscured by her fur.
Thanks for the description.  I will memorize.  Lainey is so striking that lots and lots of people ask about her.  A lady at the restaurant where we took Lainey just last night  says she shows her German Shepherd and
just couldn't get over how beautiful and well-behaved Lainey is.

Thanks so much for letting me have such a wonderful puppy.

Lira - Irsus daughter

Craig Gaylor's
"Kota"@ 10 weeks

"Kota"  @ 6 months

"Kota"at 11 months

V Cita - V Irsus son

Dear Dyan
I just wanted to give you an update on Lainey.  She is just a wonderful puppy!!!
The drive home went very smoothly.  Due to traffic it actually took much longer than expected and we also had to stop while I took a conference call.
She was great in the car!  She didn't get sick or whine. She just looked out the window and sometimes just lay down and rested.  We stopped for the call on a
country road near a grassy field (not at a dog park or place where a lot of other dogs would be) and she was great just walking around with Franklyn.  Now we ride in the car most days and she is a real trooper.  She easily learned to "Wait" when I open the door so I can get her leash on her and when I put her in the car so I can get the door shut without worrying that she'll get caught in the door trying to get out.
She wasn't eating much for a week or so, but now is back eating at what seems to be normal amounts.  The housetraining is a bit of a challenge too.  If you have any suggestions on that one, it would be great to get them.  However Lainey is so good with everything else, we just keep working on it. Also her ears are still erratic.  Is there anything you know of to be sure they go up?
We have found what seems to be a good vet and we are working with a trainer who will come out about every other week and coach me and Lainey on "Sit", "Stay" and the other official stuff.   She is very smart and the trainer commented on her great "work ethic".  She seems to love the training. . .  or maybe the treats.
We go for walks on the trails around here every day.  She goes shopping at Petsmart with me and walking the shopping centers and malls.
When the weather is nice, we go to Starbucks in the morning for coffee and she sits outside with me and makes friends with everyone walking by.  She is a little reserved with new people and dogs but quickly overcomes that when they are friendly to her.  She has also gone out to Sunday brunch and dinners with Franklyn and I at local restaurants that have patios.  She is very good but people just keep stopping by and getting her up to pet her!  
I am typing this at the breakfast table and Lainey is quietly laying under my feet at the table.  She doesn't counter-surf or table surf, she does however really like it when the ice maker in the fridge drops and extra piece of ice and she can play with that until it melts.   It turns out Franklyn is a big softy, he's now saying stuff like "If you're busy, I'll take Lainey out" and "Let's try this BBQ restaurant I just saw, it has a real nice looking patio for Lainey."  Hmmmmm.
She has been beautifully socialized and we continue working on that.  She is currently getting used to deer.  My daughter is thinking about bringing her cats at Christmas so we'll see how that goes too.  Thank you for letting me have such a beautiful and well socialized puppy.  I keep thinking that she doesn't know the official "commands" but she sure knows  most of the important stuff about being a member of the family.
Warm regards,
Dear Dyan
Just to give you an update on Lainey.  We survived the holidays and all the visitors.  Everyone just loved Lainey! She is great with people and is very well-behaved.  

I am attaching a photo of her with my oldest daughter.   Franklyn wants to do more and more with her and is very attached to her.  He now watches the Dog Whisperer religiously and is always reminding me about my "energy".  Good Grief!  We are continuing with obedience training and have started agility training as well.  Lainey is the smartest in the class by far!!  I take her everywhere I can and she is a great traveller.  We also now go to the dog park where she is a great favorite and has lots of friends, both human and dog.  She is having most fun with a boxer that is the same age and as Lainey and with a big poodle and an Irish wolfhound.  It's like they've formed a play group!
Finally I still don't seem to have received Lainey's AKC registration papers.  I'd really really appreciate it if you would send them right away.
Thanks very much

Katherine  Cristiani

"LAINEY" (7 mos)

Lira - Irsus daughter

November 1, 2007

Thank you for 13 years and 8 months of the most loyal friend in the world.  Duchess was laid to rest today and will be sorely missed.

John and Eve Roberts
Decatur, Texas

August 30, 2007
Here is a recent pic of Ruby with my daughter.

Bruce McDaniels


Here are a couple of pics of Ruby. Thought you'd like to see her colors and how she is progressing. The right ear is sometimes a bit floppy at the tip (usually in the mornings), but as you can see, it is generally upright most of the time. 
Bruce & Ann Marie McDaniels

"RUBY" (4 mos)
Cita - Irsus daughter




Caymus Lamm



Just thought I would share the story of one of your pups.  We picked up Bella from you on August 21, 1995.  She traveled with us from Texas to our move to California in 2000.  She has been the love of our lives, the best companion a person could ask for.  She was the happiest when hiking off leash in the Sierra Nevada mountains - she actually climbed to the top of the peak at Lake Highlands - roughly 10,000 feet elevation.  She also loved the pine forests a Gualala, on the California coast, just south of Mendocino.
Bella was probably happiest with us, at our home in the foothills of the Sierra's - running our 6 acres.  She loved sitting at surveying her kingdom.  She was a very happy dog, and we were so happy to have her in our lives.
We were able to love Bella and have her in our lives for 12 1/2 years. 
Thanks so much, and we wish you well.  We have attached a baby picture of Bella as well as some more recent ones.
Thank you,
Shari and Tom Fulton
Cool, California





Thank you so much for the visit today, you have an amazing setup.  It was our pleasure to you.  Your boy's and girl's are exactly the way I imagined them, very proud, wonderful personalities, good natured and beautiful.

In all of the excitement and fun we we had, I forgot to ask for a receipt for my records.  Would you please email me one?  I appreciate it.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  I am looking so forward to the addition to our family.


Angela Mitchell
Administrative Assistant

Hello Ms Merkel,

Back in October 1993, my wife Diana and I bought a female puppy from you.  We named her Delilah.  She was a sweet, wonderful pet that we loved dearly.  Dellilah died in December 2006.  She lived a long life, giving our family lots of love.  We miss her dearly.

It has taken me awhile, but I am thinking about getting another puppy.  We are looking for just a good family dog.  We won't be showing the dog or putting it through any specialized work training.  We would prefer a puppy.  Do you have any available? 

Thank you,
Marlo Casabar


Lena (V Lena vom  Ochentor SchH3, KKl 1a) has adapted rather well to her new digs.  She is practicing her commands and training is going along just fine.  We changed her diet and her diarrhea has gone away, but not her appetite.  She is something else, she will not leave me

alone for a second.  She follows me around the whole day
or lays next to me while I am in the office or on the couch.
She sleeps next to us on the floor or in her crate and wakes
me up around 7.  She wants to play all the time and loves to
learn new tricks.  She is a great dog.
Lena's coat has gotten much better after I combed all the
bunches of hair off her.  It now is so silky and soft and
the red hue is brilliant.  She is beautiful.
Tuesday she  goes in under the knife and I'll have the
vet send, email or call with the info, which ever you need.
I'll then need all her papers and a bill of sale.
My cousin is coming down in February and he is interested
in another dog to compliment the one GS he has now.
Patrick Osweiler

Hello Dyan,
A couple of pictures of Ruger at the beach, he had a great time and there was alot of sandy stools!! His ears are still not up, but he is still teething and won't be 5 months until the end of the month.
I have heard of having to tape the ears up at 5 months, should I be ready to do that?

Lena/Mambo puppy 7-16-06

Dear Dyan,
Just an update on our handsome Tex(G-dog) who we purchased from you a few
weeks ago.  Our trip home from Dallas was calm and non-eventful we almost
thought we had the wrong dog.  Tex made the transition to our home very  well.  
We did have a couple nights of crying yet we are all now sleeping
sound and comfortable.  Tex loves to be with all of us and enjoys his big
back yard playing with the boys.  The boys spoil that dog!  He loves to sit
by mom out in the grass when I do my gardening.  He is such a great
companion and we are so happy with our Tex!  
We will send a picture in the weeks ahead.

Thank you and I hope all is well!


Lena/Mambo puppy 

Sat, 15 Jul 2006 10:46:03 -0500

Hi, Dyan:  
Just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know how 
things are going.  I hope you get this one.  Here's with crossed fingers.  
Forgot to tell you that the puppy's crate was not messy after that long 
trip.  I put the crate in my kitchen, but not surprisingly he will have 
nothing to do with it.  The only time he ever had anything to do with 
it was when I used it as a barrier between the kitchen and dining room, 
but puppy just pushed that thing out of the way and followed me into 
the living room.  Just wanted you to know that I am more than pleased 
with my little guy.  He has just taken over the place.  Shasta just looks 
at him and turns and looks at me as if to say "look what he's doing 
now."  Last night he followed me up stairs, but I had to carry him down.  
He goes wherever he pleases, exploring this and exploring that.  When I 
talk to him, he talks to me - let me rephrase that he responds in his 
puppy voice to what I am saying.  He's a lot of fun already.  I have not 
named him yet.  Want to pick just the right call name to suit his 
little personality.  What a wonderful puppy, Dyan.  I am more than pleased.  
I look forward to getting his pedigree and color photographs of his 
mother and father.  Thanks again, Dyan.
Jayne Young
Ussi/Mambo puppy 7-4-06


I hope and trust this finds you doing well!  I thought I'd drop you a line
with a couple of updated pics of Liebe .  As you know, she turned a year
in May, and she brought  so much joy to our lives.  She is everything we
hoped she would be; such an incredible companion. She is real pals with
our friend's golden retriever, as you will see in the tractor picture. She has such a fantastic  temperament and loves just about everyone she meets.  Lately, she has learned to jog alongside of me while I am riding my bike.  I find that this is the  only way I am physically capable of giving her the exercise she requires  (smile).

She also likes to play "find" in the woods where we are working on her
tracking skills...she's got a great nose.

We have a new address and I have included it below.  We have not received the AKC paperwork for her as of yet and would appreciate your sending it to our new address as soon as you can.

Take care,
Kerrin (and Joe) Kostelic
Ussi-Mambo daughter: 6-12-06

Hi Dyan...

I hope this mail finds you well.  It's been a while since I've spoken to you and I hope everyone is doing fine.  I really just wanted to let you know what a joy Tessa is to have in our home.  She is truly a member of the family.  We can't remember a day without her. And three years old already!! She is incredibly obedient and an angel at home (as long as you set her up for success =) ).  She is amazingly intuitive and a wonderful companion for the kids.  She'll wait at the door and bark when my son's bus pulls up, and told us when we had a flood in the basement.  She plays baseball with my husband and son and retrieves the ball when they hit it in the outfield.  People watch in awe and comment how their dog usually runs off with the ball!  She's quick to trade a toy for a piece of ham, dropping it at your feet, and doesn't hesitate to retrieve the paper for a snack as well.  In the pool, she jumps in and pulls the kids out of the pool by their arm if they get too rowdy.  Last spring some baby squirrels fell out of our pine tree and she kept watch over them and came to tell us they were there.  She gets pretty territorial with her yard, and will chase the squirrels away, but her true mothering side came out that day!  She's a joy, and I just wanted you to know that she was still our shining star.  She and cricket (our cat) are getting along great, as well.  It was a perfect match.  Thanks for a wonderful dog. I hope to hear from you soon, and I will send more pictures as soon as I figure out how to access them. =)

Have a wonderful holiday and my best to your family...hugs to Ussi.


Ussi-Mambo daughter: 4-12-06

To: "Dyan Merkel"
Subject: Tara LeMieux
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 19:50:27 -0500

Dear Dyan:
This is a picture taken last week of Tara. Thought you would like to see how she turned out. We are pleased to have her, and she is a very friendly girl, very social with friends and other dogs. She still is a little hyper, and has to learn not to jump. Otherwise her manners are good, and our friends include her in our invitations.
Karola & Martin LeMieux


Ussi-Mambo daughter: 6-20-05
We made I home about an hour or so ago.  Everything went really good at the airport – she was fine.   She is beautiful.  The kids really love her and were surprised.  Bristol our other dog so far is being far more tolerable than I thought she would be.  We have named her Phoenix – I thing you said you needed that for the paper?  I wasn’t sure.  Rena

Ussi-Mambo daughter:4-18-05
Dear Dyan, Cessi is a welcome addition to the family!  I forgot to ask is she on heartworm med - and if so which one? I will send more pics as she grows!  Liz

Ussi-Mambo son
Dyan - I first want to apologize for being so stressed out during the buying transaction last week.  As a Texan co-worker explained to me, life is very different down South.  It is nothing like living in New England.

I want to thank you so much for sending us Kane.  He is everything we were looking for and more.  My husband, Mikey - our 3-yr. old son, and I all went to the airport together to meet him.  We watched his plane land and were right there to take him from the cargo area.  He was very calm and content when he arrived.  He was happy and his carrier was spotless!  Amazing.  He had no problem meeting us and riding for about an hour in the car both on my lap and in the back of the SUV, on the way home.  And, I wish you could have seen him when he got out of the car and ran into about 3 feet of snow!  He was hilarious.  Clearly, a dog that wasn't familiar with so much fluffy white stuff.  He licked the snow banks along the front walk all the way to the front stairs.  Then, he jumped on top of the snow banks and ran around the front yard, sinking into the snow with every step he took.  After a few minutes of sniffing for grass - he gave up and learned to use a section of snow in the front yard. 

He is a very good natured puppy and very easy going.  His size, color and markings are very impressive.  He is exactly what we were looking for, and he is already turning heads wherever he goes.  After one week with us, he is house broken and he does not use his crate.  We used the crate for his first two nights until he got used to the house and our routines and then we were very comfortable letting him spend the night in his own bed.  (He has a full size mattress w/sheets, a new comforter and lots of pillows right at the foot of my bed.)  He loves it and knows that it is his bed!  When he takes his toys or steals our socks and other laundry - he runs right to his bed with them!  Too funny.

This Saturday we visited with a dog trainer, who works with Mike Pinkston (who you may know or have heard of).  Mike is a very well known german shepherd trainer and lives in NH.  Friends of our family work with Mike on a regular basis.  These people were unbelievably impressed with Kane.  Kane is very intelligent and catches on very quickly.  As of now, he knows his name, and the following commands, "No, Here, Seetz and Aus."  Although we hadn't planned to, we decided to go with German commands.  They are easier and faster for him to learn.  He listens to us and obeys each of us very well.  He and Mikey get along great! 

Kane fits in perfectly with our family and our way of life.  I can't tell you enough about how great he is.  We are so proud to have him with us.  He was worth every cent!  His first doctor's appt. is this Saturday.  I hope he remains happy and healthy and lives a very, very long life!  We will send pictures soon.

Thanks again!  -- Julie McLean

P.S.  Do you have registration papers for him?  Could you send them to us when you get them?  Also, our last name is McLean.  I noticed you spelled it McGan on the shipping papers - which was why we had trouble finding him on the flight at the airport - but I'm sure it was a result of my husband's sloppy writing! 

Subject: Sophie
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 17:10:15 EST

Hi Dyan,
Just a quick note to let you know that our little Sophie is doing quite well adjusting to her new home.  She is very smart and after only a week is almost housetrained.  Our other dog has been great with her.  Hope all is well with you!  Happy New Year.  We all love our new little girl. 
Steve & Elisa Delfino
August 17, 2003
Hi Dyan.... I hope all is well with you.  We had a major crashing of our computer, so I lost all of my information with you and I was finally able to track it down again.   I wanted to let you know how Tessa was doing.  She is a wonderful dog and such a great family member!  We all love her- she has truly grabbed our hearts.   She completed her puppy training and also her beginner training class.  In late September, we are beginning our intermediate training session.  She's a quick study.  She can sit, down, down/stay, sit/stay, rollover, speak and wait ALL with hand signals.  She is learning heeling on leash and some recall commands.  Everyone that meets her is so impressed by her beauty as well as her intelligence.  Of course, we have our "puppy moments" =) , but she's very well behaved for the most part.  She's already six months old.... time flies.  She is doing beautifully with our kitten, Cricket.  They are the absolute best friends... they hang out together all the time.  It's so funny to watch the wrestling matches.  We have a 31/2 foot pool with a deck and she jumps in all the time and we taught her to use the ladder so she retrieves stuff and sometimes tries to "save" the kids and drags them to the pool ladder before she climbs out.  She's a character.   I would really love it if you could get us her paperwork.  I have absolutely no paperwork on her and would really like to get it for her.  Can you please let me know what I need to do to get her stuff together?  Thanks.   
As soon as I transfer the photos over to this computer, I'll send you a bunch of them.  You'll love it... she's such a great mix of Ussi and Untox.  Talk to you soon.... Enjoy the rest of your summer.   Sincerely, Elizabeth
Hi Dyan.... I haven't heard from you and I wanted to let you know that Tessa is doing great.  She is so smart and sweet.  Ussi did a wonderful job with her.  You have amazing dogs, and she's a real joy.  I wanted to send you a few pictures of her in the snow today.  She loves it, but isn't quite sure what to do with it.  We have about three inches now, and it better stop snowing soon or we'll lose her in a drift. =)  Thank you again for your patience with us.  She was worth all of it.  I'll e-mail you some better pictures when I get them.   Take care... I hope you get to see your Dad and I hope he's well.  All the best.
                    Elizabeth   4-6-03

Hi again,
    Sorry I am so long getting back to you with this picture of Bryn (it is attached_.  She just got a clean bill of health from the signs of dysplasia or anything like that. 
    Yes, if we get another puppy we would probably want another female. Do you think it would be difficult to bring a puppy into Bryn's domain after she has been the only dog for nearly four years?      Let me know when you discover for sure whether you will have puppies via Irene. She is a beautiful dog!  Do you still have Bryn's sire? 
    Take care,

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 20:40:48 -0600
Dear Ms. Merkel:
I like to introduce myself to you. Also we met in 1988. My name is Karola LeMieux, my husband is Martin. On July 9, 1988 we came to you for a Puppy. We  were lucky enough to receive a girl puppy from you. We named her Gretchen. She came from a litter  of Dam: Rivadon's Vanna, and Sire: Abraxa's Quentin. The litter was born on 5-5-88.
Our girl Gretchen gave us pleasure for 13 !/2 years. We still miss her. And after careful consideration we would like to know if you will soon have puppies available. Since you are first and best choice as a  reputable breeder, to which our Gretchen was a great testament. Is it possible to let us know at this e-mail address:
Karola LeMieux

Hi Dyan.... I hope this note finds you well.  It's been a year since Tessa came into our lives and once again I need to thank you.  She is so smart it's scary.  She understands everything we say and brings her leash to us when she wants to go out. What a wonderful addition!   I wanted to send some pictures of her to you so that you can see how she's grown. She is such a beauty!    I know at the last e-mail you said that the papers were on their way... have you received anything yet?  Please let me know.  I'll send more as I get them.   Take care.... Elizabeth


Dear Dyan,

I want to let you know that our beloved Remington Merkel Rost died peacefully February 7, 2003 at the age of 13 1/2, surrounded by those who loved him dearly.

Remington was an exceptional member of our family, and we included him in everything.  We adopted Remington from you when he was 3 months old and our sons were 8 and 10.  His even-temper but playful attitude was just what I was looking for in a puppy, but he proved to be of exceptional character and won the hearts of most who met him.  Remington was a good watchdog, was protective of me without carrying it too far, and obviously thought I had given birth to him.  He was a house-dog, preferring to be close to me most of the day so I could talk to him, and enjoying the outdoors only for limited periods of time, unless I was working in the garden, where he could wander over for hugs & kisses whenever I was deep
into my flowers.

In the end, when Remington was failing badly, I kept him by my side most of the time, where I could talk to him, pet him, and let him know he was loved.  In the final seconds before he died, Remington lifted his head out of my hand, turned to look at my husband Randy, then at me with those beautiful brown eyes; then returned his head to my hand, closed his eyes, and passed away.  He had said goodbye.

Best regards,

Christy Rost

Dear Dyan.
Had lost your address - tried to get in touch with you during the summer.  Now we are back down in Florida - just returned from the GSDCA national.  Thought you'd like to know that Tori was presented in the Parade of Greats on Friday - honored for her many accomplishments. 
Her title officially is:
 Am/Can Ch Merkel's Cut Up of Timmee, UD., NA, NAJ, HIC, TT, Can CD
I  I probably forgot a few.  It has always been MY dream to have a dog in the parade since seeing it in Buffalo a hundred years ago -- finally did it!  I did buy the tape, to be delivered sometime in December, and husband Tim was busy taking photos like crazy.  She gaited out so beautifully, in full coat - she's 9 now -- and held her ground when we circled the ring with the mucky mucky ROMs, GVs and Selects, most of whom looked rather crippled  (unkind statement Val).  She was also awarded her  5th dual award at the meeting.  The funny part of this is exactly 2 weeks ago as I was grooming her I discovered a broken premolar - nerve and pulp hanging.  Not wanting a problem on the trip (we were on the road 8 days) I had the  vet extract it PROVIDING there was no shaving of forelegs.  The only thing wrong was she looked like a chipmonk for a week!  The lump is just about gone now (wasn't on the left side anyway)
She is playfull, a lovely 68lbs with a trim figure, has the biggest ears you ever saw,  loves her walks and sleeping at our feet while we watch tv.  She hates swimming.  She has had health issues but we have overcome each but now I think her vision is not as keen as it once was.  But, then again, neither is mine!
Please send me your address -- I will try to make copies of her national critique and send a photo.  It was nice hearing from you.  I am sorry to hear about Nicky -- may I inquire what he died of?
You would have been proud of her -- your breeding.  I was    Val
Your message just came in - thought I would give up an update on Tori -- Am/Can Ch Merkel's Cut Up of Timmee UD, NA NAJ.  At 10+ she is still alive and well.  She has had very little in the way of health issues - a good thing, but I believe her sight is starting to fail and she is prone to spiking major temperatures at the drop of a hat.  So, I just travel with meds.  She is a svelte 69pounds and fast as can be chasing birds or bunnies.  Loves swimming in the gulf to the NH lakes.  Must have a long line on her or she will be in Cuba one of these days    
After getting her UD last year I retired her from all competition -- figured she had worked very hard all her life and deserved to just hang around us, whether it was down here in Florida or up in New Hampshire where we summer in the mountains.  She's bored to tears!!!!!!!!!!!  So, now she is doing tracking.  She is really awful!  Hasn't gotten the hint just what her nose is for!  : )  BUT, we are going to a seminar in Dec and he may unravel her.  She really prefers the tracking in NH where it is cooler which  probably is  the problem.  Her daughter Murphy just received her first leg in utility -- the only dog the whole weekend to qualify in UT A (18 per class/per day).  She will be retired after completion of her title.  SHe LOVES tracking -- her father had a ton of FHs behind him.   
And that's what's happening here.  Hope you are well.  Happy Thanksgiving     Val 
Valerie Mee

Dear Dyan,

I thought you  might like this photo of Jake (Jacob).  He is really one terrific animal.  He has the disposition of a labrador and brings us much joy.  He is a true friend to us all.

Thank you for a real treasure -
George and Margaret Lapin
Gig Harbor, Washington


Lady Sessel" is a littermate to "Jake".  She and the "Sessel's" are proud new owners of a new male puppy (to be named later) from our Cessi and Body.  Congratulations!



Due to my computer dying this year many photos have been lost.  If those of you that see them missing can send them to me again or update me I would appreciate it.  Thanks, Dyan



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